Sunsea Korea eyes $30 mil. Turnover this year
Source:Korea Post | Author:lkinchina | Published time: 2014-08-25 | 6953 Views | Share:

As a leading lighting products manufacturer in Korea, Sunsea Korea has been rapidly growing since its establishment in 1991. With the goal of achieving 30 billion won (approximately $29.3 million) in sales in 2014, the company is providing a variety of high quality and affordable lighting products, including Sigma lamps, light emitting diode (LED) lamps, standard bulbs, and ballast stabilizers. Prices of LED lamps are typically higher than those of conventional incandescent lamps and fluorescent lights. But Sunsea Korea changed this price structure through technological innovation and improvement in efficiency.

Following it established the first plant in 2000 in Bucheon and the second one (production line of three wave lamps) in 2001 in Bupyeong, Korea, the company built two additional plants in China in 2002 to meet growing demand for LED lamps. And in 2011, the company concluded an MOU with the Gwangju City government to construct LED lamp production facilities in the city. Its sales of lighting products have been increasing by over 15% annually. 

According to President Lee Young-kyu of Sunsea Korea, the company is currently supplying 6 different unique bulb types of LED lamps ranging from 4W to 18W that can replace conventional three wave lamps for affordable prices. And the company will soon ship new bulb types of highly efficient LED lamps that provide excellent color rendering and total luminous flux with power ranging from 6W to 12W. To improve quality and cost effectiveness, the company has continuously been heavily investing in development of technologies. It is developing general-purpose quality lighting products as well as lighting fixtures with diversified functions. In recognition of cutting-edge technologies and high quality of its products, the company acquired the Q Mark in 2002 and KS Certificate in 2003. 

With high quality and reasonable prices, Sunsea Korea is expanding distribution channels to large marts and retailers. Above all, the company has been concentrating efforts on enhancing satisfaction of consumers. “Any company can produce premier products, but they have little value if they are not chosen by consumers. So, it is important to provide quality products with affordable prices for consumers,” said President Lee Young-kyu. “We are proud of our unique and cutting-edge capability as well as enthusiastic and loyal scientists and employees who exert unreserved efforts to achieve innovation and efficiency. We are confident this will help us lead the lighting industry, enhancing our brand image.”