Germicidal Lamp 30W Without Ozone Bpric Glass

UV Length: 253.7nm; T8 15W; Ozone Free
Diffuser Material:
Body Material:
Lamp Base:
UV Length: 253.7nm; T8 15W; Ozone Free

Product Description

 A shortwave UV lamp can be made using a fluorescent lamp tube with no phosphor coating. These lamps emit ultraviolet light with two peaks in the UVC band at 253.7 nm and 185 nm due to the mercury within the lamp. 85% to 90% of the UV produced by these lamps is at 253.7 nm. The glass tube passes the 253 nm radiation but blocks mostly the 185 nm wavelength. Such tubes have two or three times the UVC power of a regular fluorescent lamp tube.


These low-pressure lamps have a typical efficiency of approximately thirty to forty percent, meaning that for every 100 watts of electricity consumed by the lamp, they will produce approximately 30–40 watts of total UV output. These germicidal lamps are used extensively for disinfection of surfaces in laboratories and food processing industries, and for disinfecting water supplies.

Germicidal lamp keeps 100% killing rate to many common germs under experimental environment.


Product Overviews

Product Parameter
Voltage 96V Wattage 30W
Current 0.365A Wave Length 253.7nm
Tube T8 Base G13
Material  Boric Glass Dimension  894.6*26 mm
Ozone No Protect Ring Yes
Ballast Parameter
Supply Type Magnetic/Electric *Ballast not included 
Packing Parameter
Carton Size 93*15.5*15.5 cm Qty Per Carton 25 
20GP Qty 30210 40HQ Qty 72700



Name A (mm) B (mm) C (mm)
 GT8-30BO 894.6 901.7 908.8

1 Before lighting up first time, please use medicinal alcohol (75%) clean the tubes, as dust and stain attached outside tubes could reduce UV light significantly. Keep cleaning every one or two weeks.  
2 Please do not turn on UV lamp while some one stare at it or is exposed to it directly, as UV light can deal much damage to exposed skins and eyes.
3 Please do not use anything to block between light and target, penetrability of UV light is not good, solid, plastic film, paper, even normal glass can block lots of UV light.
4 UV light could reduce significantly under high humidity environment, please do not use UV light after washing or mopping.
5 According to activity of germs, using UV light at night or avoiding visible light could markedly improve sterilizing effect.